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Statements of Learning

The statement Examples of relevant learning
SOL 3: The student creates, appreciates and critically interprets a wide range of texts. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of visual culture to create and critique their role in the development of their own or others’ work in art, craft or design.
SOL 4: The student creates and presents artistic works and appreciates the process and skills involved. Students will create finished pieces of art, craft and design work capturing and presenting the processes and decisions they made through using their Visual Art sketchpad.
SOL 8: The student values local, national and international heritage, understands the importance of the relationship between past and current events and the forces that drive change. Students, through their own creative ideas and work, will demonstrate that their Visual Art work can be used to reflect the needs, hopes and ideals of their wider communities or society as a whole.
SOL 20: The student uses appropriate technologies in meeting a design challenge. Students will decide on and be able to justify their use of appropriate traditional or modern technologies or new media in their work, based on their learning experiences.
SOL 21: The student applies practical skills as she/he develops models and products using a variety of materials and technologies. Students will demonstrate the acquisition and development of their own, personal artistic skills through their drawings, processes and finished pieces of work in art, craft and design.
SOL 23: The student brings an idea from conception to realisation. Students demonstrate that they understand and can apply different processes and methods in creating artworks, craft pieces and finished design solutions.