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The introduction of Level 2 Learning Programmes forms part of the new Junior Cycle introduced in September 2014. For an overview of the new Junior Cycle read:

A Framework for Junior Cycle (DES 2015)

For more information on the background in this area see the discussion paper:

Junior Cycle Curriculum Framework for students with General Learning Disabilities: Towards a discussion paper (March 2009)

The role of the Special Education Support Service (SESS) is to enhance the quality of learning and teaching in relation to special educational provision. There are resources there to assist teachers in working with students who have SEN.

The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) was set up to improve the delivery of education services to persons with special educational needs arising from disabilities with particular emphasis on children. The Council deals with applications for support, sanctions resources for schools; coordinates Education and Health Service supports and commissions a substantial research programme.