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Statements of Learning

The statement Examples of relevant learning
SOL 15 Recognises the potential uses of mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of learning Students will be able to support their solutions to geometry problems by referencing appropriate geometry concepts and principles.
SOL 19 Values the role and contribution of science and technology to society, and their personal, social and global importance Students will evaluate the impact of technologies on their lives, society and the environment.
SOL 20 Uses appropriate technologies in meeting a design challenge Students will determine the most suitable technologies available to them and apply them to fulfil the criteria of a given design challenge.
SOL 21 Applies practical skills as she/he develops models and products using a variety of materials and technologies Students will develop 3D representations of solutions to problems through modelling using appropriate media.
SOL 23 Brings an idea from conception to realisation Students will individually explore ideas to satisfy a problem and develop their solutions using appropriate modelling skills they have developed.
SOL 24 Uses technology and digital media tools to learn, work and think collaboratively and creatively in a responsible and ethical manner Students will select appropriate digital media tools to research, explore and present design ideas.