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Statements of Learning

The statement

Examples of relevant learning

SOL 1. The student communicates effectively using a variety of means in a range of contexts in L1

Students will participate in a wide range of language activities to develop their oral and written communication in a wide variety of contexts and forms. 

SOL 3. The student creates, appreciates and critically interprets a wide range of texts

Students will engage critically with texts in a wide range of forms, to understand and respond to their content, and to enrich their own spoken and written output.

SOL 4. The student creates and presents artistic works and appreciates the process and skills involved

Learning from artistic works with which they engage, students will create a range of texts in narrative and aesthetic forms.

SOL 6. The student appreciates and respects how diverse values, beliefs and traditions have contributed to the communities and culture in which she/he lives

Students will encounter diversity through wide reading and will learn to appreciate the significance of diversity through discussion and reflection.

SOL 16. The student describes, illustrates, interprets, predicts and explains patterns and relationships

Students will learn—through the study of texts produced by others and through the creation of texts of their own—the significance of patterns and structures and the centrality of relationships in expression and communication.

SOL 23. The student brings an idea from conception to realisation

Students will engage in planning and development, by themselves and in collaboration with others, to bring an extended piece of work to fruition over time.


SOL 24. The student uses technology and digital media tools to learn, communicate, work and think collaboratively and creatively in a responsible and ethical manner


Students will engage critically with texts in a wide range of formats. They will explore the potential of technology to create texts that are rich in variety of content and presentation.