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Planning, Teaching and Assessment

June 2018: Report of the review of the early enactment of Junior Cycle English can be found here.

October 2016: Guidance and Early Insights from Teachers Enacting the Curriculum can be found here.

In planning a course, care will be needed to find a balance between choosing a sufficiently broad range of texts and providing learners with a variety of language experiences and opportunities to develop the range of skills envisioned in the learning outcomes. Expectations for students, in the form of learning outcomes and guidelines to inform choice of texts are included in the curriculum specification for English.

The Junior Cycle English Text List for 2014 - 2020 is available here.

       Junior Cycle English Text List for 2018 - 2023 is available here.

The Guidelines for the Classroom-Based Assessments and Assessment Task for Junior Cycle English provide general information on the two classroom-based assessments, Oral Communication and the Collection of the Student's Texts and guidelines for their completion. They also provide support for teacher judgement through the process of Subject Learning and Assessment Review and details of the Assessment Task. Examples of ongoing student work and annotated student Classroom-Based Assessments can be found here. An archive of Assessment Tasks, stimulus materials and guidelines for completing the task can be found here.