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Business Studies and Key Skills

In addition to their specific content and knowledge, the subjects and short courses of junior cycle provide students with opportunities to develop a range of key skills. There are opportunities to support all key skills in this course, but some are particularly significant. 

Key skill

Example of key skill element

Examples of associated student learning activities

Being creative

Implementing ideas and taking action

Students will generate ideas on products/services in a creative environment and will be empowered to realise these ideas.

Being literate

Exploring and creating a variety of texts, including multi-modal texts

Students will access and engage with oral, written and multi-modal texts in conducting project research and in presenting their findings.

Being numerate

Seeing patterns, trends and relationships

Students will evaluate how the prices of particular goods and services are determined, understanding the interaction of demand and supply.


Using digital technology to communicate

Students will interact through social media and other digital technology in order to explore relevant business issues.

Managing information and thinking

Gathering, recording, organising, and evaluating information and data

Students will prepare financial accounts, assess the financial position and present their analysis in tabular and/or graphic formats.

Managing myself

Making considered decisions

Students will evaluate risks associated with saving and borrowing money and make informed and responsible financial decisions.

Staying well

Being positive about learning


Students will discuss current issues in the business environment and their enthusiasm for and curiosity about business will be stimulated.

Working with others

Developing good relationships and dealing with conflict

Students will collaborate and negotiate with others in the classroom to explore views and complete tasks in a range of contexts and activities.