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Consultation is your chance to get involved in shaping the future of Irish education. It is a central part of new developments in the curriculum. It’s your chance to have your voice included in what’s happening in Irish education.

The first step in the process is the publishing of a background paper. This outlines the history of the subject or curriculum area, examines the main issues in the area and looks at trends in current educational research and international practice. A number of recommendations for changing the curriculum are made as a result.

When the background paper is published, opinions and feedback from interested parties are gathered. Everyone has the opportunity to comment on the proposals for change.

Your feedback is taken to a development group who start work on a new specification. These specifications are also available for you to comment on.


Have your say

The following subjects and curriculum areas are available for consultation now or will be available shortly, click on the links to have your say.





Closing date for submissions

Junior Cycle

Draft Level 1 Programme
Draft Specification 20th March 2015





Senior Cycle


Background Paper 13th March 2015