Sample Activities

A range of activities showing how to use and assess the Level 2 Learning Programmes in the classroom.

1. Personal Care: Developing a healthy lifestyle
Learning Outcome- Identify three personal benefits of regular exercise

Lesson plan including links to resources

2. Living in a Community: Local facilities 
Learning Outcome- Identify familiar places and organizations in the local community 
Learning Outcome- List ways to spend leisure time

Lesson plan including links to resources

3. Numeracy: Money 
Learning Outcome - Explain a shopping receipt

Lesson plan including links to resources

4. Personal Care: Knowing how to stay safe 
Learning Outcome - Identify key safety risks in the workplace/home/community

Lesson plan including links to resources

5. Living in a Community: Resolving conflict
Learning Outcome - Identify the steps for dealing with conflict

Lesson plan including links to resources

6. Preparing for work:Taking part in a work related activity 
Learning Outcome - Keep a gardening diary logging the tasks

Lesson plan including links to resources

7. Personal Care: Developing a daily personal care plan
Learning Outcome- Explain the benefits and use of personal care products

Creating a personal care plan

8. An integrated approach to using the PLUs in Business Studies, English and Home Economics

Integrated PLUs: 3 lesson plans

9. Level 2 SHORT COURSE - CSI: Exploring Forensic Science.

Strand 1: The work of a forensic scientist. St Bricin’s College, Belturbet




10. LEVEL 2 SHORT COURSE - Caring for Animals

Learning in preparation for Case Study task as part of assessment for certification

St. Brigid’s School, Mullingar and Scoil Bernadette, Cork




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Level 2 Learning Programmes


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